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POSITION Job application




01/07/2014–Present: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
HC Podravka, Koprivnica (Croatia)
In charge of nutrition and supplementation of the team.

Testing the team during the pre-season period and responsible for the performance of players throughout the whole season.

Responsible for warm up and cooling down the team.

Responsible for complete statistical and video analysis of each game through “interplay sport analysis“

In charge of the injury-prevention program.

The HC Podravka team competes annually in the Women’s Championship League and has won the Croatian League and Croatian Cup several times.

This position requires substantial domestic and foreign travel as well as a good knowledge of foreign languages.

Being up-to-date with new tendencies in sport planning, testing and prevention is a necessity.


01/02/2013–Present: Head Coach of sports activities for people with intellectual disabilities
Sports Association “Veliko srce”, Koprivnica (Croatia)
Responsible for:

Promoting sport for people with intellectual disabilities.

Improving the quality of life for the intellectually disabled by bringing them together to participate in various projects with stress on the importance of socialization and rehabilitation of athletes with ID.

Promoting health and preventing cardiovascular diseases that accompany people with ID by getting them involved in physical activities and competitions.

Protecting and promoting the rights of people with ID and equality of participation in all community activities.


Participation in all national competitions in which we have achieved outstanding results in all sports categories (football, bowling, swimming, cycling, running in snowshoes, football and athletics).

Key qualities for this job are socialization, rehabilitation, demonstration of all tasks and activities, special approach to the problem, communication techniques and psychology.

My athletes won 2 Gold and 2 Silver Olympic medals this year no the Special Olympics world winter games 2017 in Austria held form 14 – 25th of March 2017


03/03/2015–Present: Head S & C Coach for the Senior Women’s National  Handball  Team
Croatian Handball Federation, Zagreb (Croatia)
In charge of the team’s physical fitness.

Preparing and conducting various motor and functional tests.

In charge of statistical and video analysis.

Preparing the team pre- and post-match

Qualified with the team for the ‘European Championships 2016’ in Sweden, being held in December 2016.


06/07/2015–Present: Head S & C Coach for the Women’s  National U18 Team
Croatian Handball Federation, Zagreb (Croatia)
In charge of physical fitness for the team

Preparing and conducting various motor and functional tests

In charge of whole statistical and video analysis

Last year we participated in the World Championships in Slovakia and finished 8th.


01/10/2015–Present: S & C Soccer Coach
FC Graničar Đurđevac, Đurđevac (Croatia)
Responsible for the initiation and development of all motor skills for U6, U8, U10, U12 and U14 teams.

Responsible for implementing SAQ (Speed Agility and Quickness) protocols for the U12 and U14 teams.

In charge of testing young players and working on their weaknesses regarding aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

In charge of the injury-prevention program for young players.


01/05/2011–01/07/2014: Head of Koprivnica Town – Sports Centre
Komunalac d.o.o., Koprivnica (Croatia)
Responsible for recruiting, training and supervising staff.

Management of the budget, including enhancing profitability by organizing and delivering an appropriate range of fitness activities and programs as well as keeping statistical and financial records.

Maintaining the fitness equipment and ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation.

In charge of maintaining customer service standards and undertaking administrative task.

Founder of the local “Health Program for Injured Persons”, with accent on the intellectually disabled, working with them either in the gym or in water.


01/04/2014–Present: Personal S & C Soccer Coach
FC Slaven Belupo, Koprivnica (Croatia)
Working individually with young players on technical elements of the game.

Also implementing the SAQ protocol for faster development of young players.

Improving aerobic and anaerobic capacity with emphasis on prevention​ of injury.


05/05/2012–Present: Triathlon Coach
Triathlon club Zrinski, Zagreb (Croatia)
Responsibilities including athletes’ long-term development, the needs of elite competitors and the ability to communicate effectively with them.

Conveying the idea of elite coaching development in the technical spheres of swimming, cycling courses and general knowledge.

Physiological and tactical coaching knowledge.

Conveying and using sports science and medicine in the preparation of elite athletes.

Teaching team dynamics and creating an effective team.

All accomplishments are related to the athletes Denis Plese and Luka Radotovic who became champions several times over in their super sprint and sprint category, in the Croatian Cup for both triathlon and duathlon, as well as in the duathlon sprinting and super sprinting disciplines.

All listed results can be verified with the Croatian Triathlon Federation



01/10/2010–01/05/2011: Working with Autistic Children
Tom d.o.o., Čakovec (Croatia)
The primary task being to get children used to water.

Progressive coaching, beginning with children working with their parents and switching to working solely with the trainer. Concentrating on adaptation to the environment, motor abilities such as balance and repetitive strengthening of the lower extremities.

Not only did I gain a rich experience working with autistic children, I was also able to implement theoretical knowledge obtained at university.​




01/07/2001–01/06/2005: Economist EQF level 5
High School of Economics, Čakovec (Croatia)


01/07/2005–01/09/2010: Master’s Degree in Sports Science EQF level 7
Faculty of Sport – Kinesiology, Zagreb (Croatia)
Speciality – Track and Field​


01/09/2011–Present: PhD in Social Science in the Field of Kinesiology EQF level 8
Faculty of Sport – Kinesiology, Zagreb (Croatia)
Thesis presented:

​The correlation of differences in maximal strength, balance and flexibility in accordance with the number of PA hours per week for people with mental disabilities in Croatian and regional populations.​




Mother tongue(s) Croatian
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English B2 B2 B2 B2 B1
German B1 B1 B1 B1 A2
Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user – B1 and B2: Independent user – C1 and C2: Proficient user


Organisational / managerial skills – leadership

– proficient organisational skills gained as Head of the Koprivnica Town Sports Centre

– excellent team-leading skills gained as a handball referee


Digital competence SELF-ASSESSMENT
Information processing Communication Content creation Safety Problem solving
Proficient user Proficient user Independent user Proficient user Proficient user