Help in the search for a new club/player

Help in the search for a new club/player

”We are a Group of Handball, Football and Waterpolo agents seeking talented players interested in trials and internships in Europe “

BS Sports Management Agency  is primarily a team and a state of mind.

We work on the basis of updated data of the sports market , to maintain our structure to the requirements of the application, to make them play their full role , enhance their skills , especially to make it a center of influence in the sports sector worldwide.

Our core values ​​are professionalism , respect for employees and the ongoing efforts to provide our customers with quality services and the contribution to the development of communities that host our operations.

Our concept of professionalism emphasizes responsibility , duty, accountability, integrity and exemplary in our behavior , short of participative management , and effective.

Our values ​​are in line with the fundamental principles such as respect the laws that apply to us , the satisfaction of our customers , as well as solidarity among the members of our personnel.

In order to facilitate a better understanding of the philosophy of our company we have designed this website that shows who we are , our products , our network , the different policies and practices in our organization and the main aspects of our operation.

You will find in particular the history of the organization , mission, values ​​and core aspects of our operations detailed through out our website.